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Architectural Lighting.

The implementers of the change of lighting color in architectural lighting.

The Led controller introduced in this paper is a kind of high-tech equipment which controls Led lamps.For example, many city landmark buildings are illuminated by lighting control, lighting control of landscape lighting fixtures, and indoor lighting.Below we mainly explain the application of led controller full color control in building lighting.

The pan-light design of the facade of the building is about the first impression of visitors to the project.The light of the facade should be able to interpret the architectural sense.In addition to the landscape, characteristic lamps and lanterns;LED controller is used to control the elements of LED lamps to achieve emphasis and layering, and to restore the essence of real buildings.Light and shadow has always been a wonderful design element, can become the focal point of vision.

We all know that indoor lighting design first considers the construction of comfortable, refined environment atmosphere, rather than to blindly adopt some overly dazzling light.Space inside and outside every ray of light treatment should be from the designer's understanding of human nature and building, people-oriented idea runs through each place, takes the principle of penetration, practical and comfortable atmosphere, combining with the simple nature of the Taoist aesthetics, eyeball of the right, a few, many single verse artistically at ease.And outdoor lighting should also pay attention to the health of light environment should avoid light pollution.Use led controller with control system can meet the needs for building facade lighting, move feeling, cool color, rhythm, science fiction, and so on demand, also can control lights from overall effect, avoid the light pollution, build more rich and colorful facade lighting effect.





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